Chhatrapati Semiya
6 min readJun 3, 2021


Hi to everyone reading this blog. I am Chhatrapati Semiya from the National Institute of Design, currently in the 6th semester. In this article, you’ll see my process regarding this techno aesthetic detailing course. It’s is a 7-week course under the guidance of Mr Kuntal De.

Week 1:

Understanding what techno aesthetic detailing is?

I used to think that styling a product is the last part when designing a product and that anyone with a little knowledge about a particular product line can do it, adding a new aesthetic and making it a new lineup of products for the brand.

But it’s so much more than that!

We started with keeping our research range wide and for that choose some watchwords to still be in an enclosed but wide range of area for research.

My words were:




This was the part where we look in many different contexts surrounding our keywords.

Week 2

I started by opening up the branches of sports into individual, dual, team and extreme sports.

So concerning sports, I started looking at what is mobility and listed down the same.

Because we were trying to look for a physical product so we stuck with physical wellness.

The injury was another major keyword that we introduced later.

We classified injuries into different grades like minor, moderate, severe, life-threatening and surrounded different sports concerning the body parts where it is likely to cause an injury.

I particularly started looking at shoulder and arms and common injuries related to them. I looked up for Tennis Elbow, Wrist Sprain and Shoulder Seperation.

First I researched the anatomy and different muscle groups of arms to better understand the movement of muscles.

A lot of sports causes tennis elbow but other than sports jobs of painters, butchers, carpenters also cause tennis elbow.

In sports, like tennis, the major cause of tennis elbow is the backhand stroke. During this stroke, most of the repulsive force stresses the elbow the muscles around it and the repetition of the motion causes the tennis elbow in long run. Also depends upon what kind of racket they are using and the contact area of the racket with the ball.

I also looked into the braces and bands used by tennis elbow players.

Another similar sport is wheelchair tennis, which is a part of the para Olympics. As wheelchair tennis players have to move and accelerate the wheels with one hand and play with another so they usually don’t switch their hand if their hand got tired of moving the wheels, so much stress develops on the palm and skin of the same hand.

Now listing down all the problem statement that I created :

  • Because a lot of athletes get tennis elbow during their active period of career, delay in their injury or less efficient healing might affect their career, so the problem statement is to redesign the tennis elbow compression band that can elevate your elbow(recommend for better healing) and making it safer while sleeping at night.
  • Tennis elbow injury in tennis is very common among amateur, just for fun players and the main cause is the repetitive motion of the backhand stroke and how the forearm muscles are used in the backhand stroke motion so the problem statement is to- redesign the handle of the tennis racket to minimize the stress on the elbow during backhand strokes.
  • Wheelchair tennis is a paraolymics sport requiring players to move inside the court via a manual wheelchair, players use one hand to hold the racket and other to spin the wheel to move around, because players have to accelerate and deaccelerate a lot during a match the palm goes under friction frequently so — design a hand/palm glove wear specialised for wheelchair tennis players.
  • Parkour is a freestyle sport that doesn't follow linear direction but jumping, gripping, rolling, etc movements are heart and soul of parkour. so the problem statement — design a wrist band to prevent wrist sprain for parkour players.

TENNIS ELBOW band/compressor the initials and things to consider and layering the different protective layers.

GLOVE WEAR for wheelchair tennis players.

keeping both acceleration and deacceleration friction in mind.

WRIST BAND for gymnast and parkour

  • keeping wrist tension under control
  • chalk powder container for easy and fast access.

Research question:

for making a more specific brief for the problem opportunity and detailed user problem information.

the only question related to the brief is prioritized first.


  • Elbow massage to release soft tissue, breakdown tension and realign the fibres.
  • extension exercise of the wrist to stretch the hand to improve the range of motion and with time increase the amount of load in the tendon.
  • hot/cold therapy- this usually reduces the pain temporarily and also reduces inflammation. Particularly hot therapy is better early in the morning as the hand muscles become stiff during our sleep and then it pains when we wake up.

BRIEF: Design a forearm band for treating tennis elbow (from moderate to severe grade) that support the elbow to elevate and keeps the hand warm when needed.

Product applications that might help:

360* Rotation wrist gloves
different part camera hand strap
Battery and the motor connected with the lace

Self-lacing shoes, Nike Mag sneakers, are one of the most iconic sneakers around the world. Four white strips are self-lacing that has a motor under the sole.

fracture sling