Chhatrapati Semiya
4 min readAug 16, 2020


1st day we were asked to map our own houses and plot the space where we have internal conflicts or spaces where you have problems on the map.

Coming next is a map for the same-

In the next assignment, we had to underline the habit of any resource that we utilize at the household and also seasonal consumption of that resource.

I took electricity consumption as my resource during the summer and winter seasons.

Well because our house is still under construction 🚧 so we live on the backside for the time being so I’ll be focusing on the same.

Electrical consumption during summer :

This is an average of daily electrical usage during summer per room.
Daytime – summer
Evening/night time -summer

Electrical consumption during winter :

This is an average electrical consumption during winter.
Daytime – winter
Evening/night time – winter

Cumulating the maps I found that electrical consumption depends a lot upon our daily behavior/activity, climate, appliances in use.

Well, next I didn’t like my maps as I made them in two perspectives and it wasn't detailed as it was just the overview use per room so I made them again in one-point perspective and a bit detail.



Next task- have a discussion with your family member about the maps and list down the problems/ issues that any family member or all of you faces.

Following are the problems and opportunity areas:-

1. Water tank

Every morning our motor pumps water to our water tank which is on the top of the roof and two-floor above. Also, there isn't any proper ladder for climbing the rooftop. So to confirm that water fully restored in the tank we usually wait for the water to fall from the backside of the house(you can hear the water drip down).


well, because a lot of water is wasted and because of the uncertainty of not knowing the tank is full we could design a device which can be placed inside the top section of the tank which can detect if the water level rises above it and can inform us via an app or it could be touch-sensitive based like doorbell it can direct the bell to ring when the water level rises.

2. Irregular water supply-

During summer season water supply drops and even in monsoon season supply declines. Also in monsoon whatever water reaches is dirty and not drinkable.

3.Construction noise

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my sister is also working from home. Her issue is that due to construction going on the front side of the house her online calls and meeting get interrupted with all the construction noise.


Hoping this pandemic will be temporary and will end soon and so will the work from home meetings. Soundproofing is an option but its a permanent thing and expensive plus we don't need a permanent solution to that so maybe a temporary soundproof solution just like the traditional drywall but not a permanent one.

OR maybe we could design a table chair soundproof system that will isolate only a small area.

4. Dirt getting to the house-

Due to construction a lot of soil, cement, silt is near the veranda so whenever I go outside even near to the veranda to start the motor or switch on the lights dirt enters the house even if you scrub your chapel sole.

Further, we had to focus on a single problem on the micro and macro levels. The problem I took was ‘Water Shortage’.


Presentation of the ‘Water Shortage’